701-711 Caton Avenue

This is an empty lot that runs the length of the block between
E.7th and E.8th Streets fronting Caton Ave.  It is zoned R6 and is
being used for construction equipment storage and landscaping / tree
storage. It was once supposed to be developed as a nursing home, but
that did not happen. It could potentially be better utilized for small
scale commercial / retail use to provide much needed ammenities to the
surrounding area’s residents. We have no information on the owner’s
plans for this lot. There are multiple violations against the lot and a
lot of hearsay about internal family fights over how to develop the
land. If anyone has any trustworthy information or would like to follow
up on this property, please do so.

 Block 5321 Lot 64-74

701-711 Caton Avenue
Brooklyn, 11218

Owner: (?) H Run Rlty Corp
3707 15TH Ave
Brooklyn NY 11218-4403

Other Possible Owner:
Most Recent Bldg. Permit filed by Michael Solomon
3707-11 15 AVE

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