NY1: Kensington Residents Want City To Put A Stop To Overdevelopment

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Kensington Residents Want City To Put A Stop To Overdevelopment

How much is too much when it comes to developing the city? That
depends on who you ask. In the following report, NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez
tells us residents in one neighborhood say enough is enough, while
developers fight for more.

Liz Vona-Cohen won a blue ribbon
in the Special Olympics riding a horse. She learned her skills at the
Kensington Stables. But the future of the stable is uncertain now that
the East Windsor Terrace area is being stampeded by developers.

not until we’re pushed out, where we’ll become this memory, and it’s
really disgusting because I don’t know how much building you can put,”
says Fran Levy, an instructor at Kensington Stables.

this year, the 19th century building that Kensington Stables rented and
used as a barn was sold to make way a 107-unit condominium complex. The
horses were forced into the remaining building, and to make room, the
indoor riding ring had to be eliminated. With no indoor riding ring,
Kensington Stables lost its program for the disabled.

its workers say the cramped conditions inside are tough, they’re
feeling squeezed outside as well, as three residential buildings that
surround it are in the works. While construction on two are already
underway, the community is trying to stop the third.

“It’s not
that we’re against development. It’s having development that’s sensible
and that’s planned,” says area resident Rebecca Gallager.

At a
hearing at Brooklyn Borough Hall Monday night, residents spoke out
against a 68-unit condominium complex that would sit diagonally across
from the stable. The developer wants the city to rezone the lot in
order to build bigger, but just last month, Community Board 7 rejected
the idea.

Residents are hoping the borough president does the same.

only two people living in each occupied unit, we would have at least
588 more people living in the neighborhood,” says an area resident.

add this new building to the mix when we haven’t yet seen the
consequences of the other two new condo buildings right in our
neighborhood?” asks a neighbor.

The developer did make some
concessions for the community, including additional underground parking
and setting back his complex to allow for more yard space.

the borough president is expected to make his recommendations by next
month, and then the city Planning Commission has its say.

– Jeanine Ramirez

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