CB7 Supports Downzoning by Passing Resolution

Following is the text of the resolution passed by Community Board 7
in response to our petition. We need to follow up by writing letters to
Regina Myer, director of the Brooklyn office of the New York City
Department of City Planning. If  every member of this community
writes a letter, it will send a very strong message that we care and
want to see our neighborhood developed sensibly.

“Community Board #7 urgently request that the Department of City
Planning examine the issue of rezoning the area bounded by Caton Avenue
and Coney Island Avenue, Ocean Parkway and the Ocean Parkway Service
Road, commonly known as East Windsor Terrace, to determine what changes
can be made to the local zoning to protect the character of the low
rise residential homes and to immediately right the past wrongs done to
this section of our Community District when the Special Ocean Parkway
District passed in April 1993”

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