Caton Avenue Nursing Home

 In the early 1990s special permits were granted that
are tied to the lot and allow for a larger FAR than would normally be
allowed for a community building in the Ocean Parkway District. The
proposed building is a skilled nursing facility designed in the
traditonal style, with a central dining area and a central nurses’
station on each floor. The first floor is a designated Alzheimer’s care
unit. It is 84 feet high, with 380 beds. They expect to have
approximately 300 employees working in 3 shifts. Zoning regulations
require 1 parking space for every 14 beds. The building is designed
with 20 parking spaces, meeting this minimum requirement. A service
driveway will run the width of the block one way, from E. 7th to E. 8th
street providing access to the rear service entrances for ambulettes
and deliveries, as well as parking.

There are two outdoor areas. One on the roof and one on the main floor in the front (Caton Avenue side).  

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